Recliner Sofas

If you're looking for additional comfort from your next sofa, a recliner is definitely for you. Kick back and relax with our range of manual and power electric recliner sofas. Choose from a large range of fabric and leather options in a range of sizes including corner recliners. Free delivery on orders over £500.

What is a recliner sofa?

A recliner sofa is a type of sofa that comes with built-in mechanisms to allow the user to adjust the seating position for enhanced comfort. These sofas typically have a backrest and footrest that can be reclined, offering various levels of elevation.

Choosing the right sized recliner

Recliner sofas can massively vary in size, so its important to know which one will be best for you. For a small room or city style apartment, a 2-seater sofa with a built in recliner function may be the best option. If your living room has more space to fill, then a 3-seater sofa or even a 4-seater sofa with a built in recliner would be bestr. In more spacious settings, a corner recliner sofa would be perfect.

How do recliner sofas work?

Recliner sofas have built-in mechanisms designed to allow the user to adjust the seat position using a manual handle or, if its an electric power recliner - a button.

Should I choose a leather recliner or fabric recliner?

The choice between fabric and leather for your recliner sofa depends on various factors, including your lifestyle, preferences, and budget. Leather recliners are easier to clean and age extremely well in households with children and pets, prone to spills.

Fabric recliners offer a more 'cozy' look and feel to them, but are harder to clean. Ultimately, the choice between fabric and leather is a personal one, and it depends on your specific requirements and preferences.