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Super Kingsize iGel 2000 Mattress - Firm

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Introducing the iGel™ Advance 2000 Mattress from iGel™, featuring exclusive iGel™ Graphene technology.

The iGel™ Advance 2000 Mattress starts off with an impressive base of 2000 individually encased pocket springs, designed to reduce the side to side movement of the springs for premium support. Surrounding this is the AdvantEdge™ foam which works with the 2000 pocket springs to offer edge to edge support stopping you and your partner rolling together and disturbing one another. Both of these combined works together to enhance the support and shape of your mattress, prolonging is lifespan.

On top of this sits 5cm of iGel™ Advance beaded Graphene technology gel.  iGel™ Graphene technology is unlike standard Memory and Gel foam Mattresses. It works seven times faster than our previous models by absorbing excess heat when you are too hot or releasing stored heat when you are too cold – helping keep you comfortable all night long. Graphene is also chemical-free, meaning it’s much safer and better for the environment, too. You can see below how fast the temperature transfer is in comparison to standard memory foam.

Available for immediate local delivery or delivered nationwide within 2 weeks.