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5.0 Sealy Catalania Mattress

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Relax and fall into a deep slumber on an orthopaedic mattress that’s been built to keep you feeling comfortable and supported as you snatch forty winks.

The Catalonia Extra Firm mattress possesses a unique PostureTech Core Support system which works to understand your body and provide deep support and pressure relief to areas of your body whilst you sleep. Matched with the central zoning PowerPack, the mattress will also provide extra support for your lower back region.

You’ll be able to enjoy every inch of your mattress thanks to EdgeGuard, which not only provides added durability to the Catalonia mattress but will support you all the way to the edge of your sleeping space, giving you extra room to stretch out.

The Catalonia Extra Firm Support mattress contains Tencel fibres. Natural and sustainable, these fibres are gentle on the skin and contribute to keeping you warm and dry.

Treated with Proshield, a skin safe anti-allergy treatment, the mattress will help you to enjoy a clean and comfortable night sleep by keeping allergens at bay.

Just when you thought the Catalonia Extra Firm Mattress couldn’t have any more benefits, it’s been designed with a hand tufted finish. Tufting pulls together each upholstery layer through the spring unit and then binds it at each side, to ensure the mattress fillings are uniform for extra durability and additional firmness.

  • Sealy’s firmest Posturetech Core Support spring unit – provides deep down support and pressure relief
  • Central zoning PowerPack - for additional lumbar support where you need it most
  • Breathable Tencel fibres – derived from natural wood pulp aid regulate heat and moisture from the body
  • Hand Tufted – to provide additional firmness
  • EdgeGuard – for support right to the edge of the mattress
  • Extra firm Comfort rating

Grade A - Mattress is new and unused

Delivered within 10-14 working days