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Double Slumberland Clima Airstream Memory 3000 Mattress- Firm

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Providing a beautiful sleep surface spanning the entirety of the mattress the Airstream Memory3000 is equipped with dynamic perimeter support. Spanning the full length of the side of the mattress the two outer rows of pocket springs have been enhanced. Not only does this increase the lifespan of your mattress but it also means that you can enjoy the entirety of the mattress with total blissful comfort.

Embrace luxury with a layer of our new Sensaform memory foam. Through careful engineering the memory foam has been designed for superior breathability. Through three zones of air holes, the Airstream Memory 3000 is prepared to provide your body with a gentler response where you need it most. You can comfortably relax with total pressure relief no matter how you sleep.

Elegantly finished with a quilted surface made with recycled plastic fillings, this mattress provides a durable yet luxury haven for you to dive into every evening. What makes this mattress even more environmentally conscious is its packaging. Your mattress will be delivered to you in packaging made from renewable & recyclable polythene.

The Airstream Memory 3000 is rated medium, providing a welcoming sleep surface for you every night. What’s more, there’s no need to turn the mattress. You can simply rotate with the conveniently placed handles to keep it in immaculate condition.

  • Pocket sprung mattress with a responsive, pressure relieving memory foam layer
  • Firmness Rating: Firm 
  • 800 premium pocket springs which offer unique sleeper support
  • All Premium pocket springs are made in the UK and contain recycled steel
  • Active Dynamic perimeter support for both sleepers
  • A smooth consistent sleep surface all the way to the edge
  • New Exclusive 30mm layer of exclusive Sensaform memory foam developed to mould to body contours
  • Outstanding reactive pressure relief and minimised motion transfer
  • Superior breathability through the implementation of three zones of air holes
  • Provides a gentle response where you need it most
  • Truecomfort sleek quilted Mattress surface made with recycled plastic fillings
  • ProBio - A 100% natural treatment which provides protection against allergens and odours
  • Easy care non-turn mattress, rotate monthly
  • Handles on all sides to aid rotation
  • Mattress height: 25.5cm

Grade B - Mattress is new and unused but may have slight transit marks

Delivered within 10-14 days